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RE: [IPk] Infusion Sets

Hi Julette

I can't remember what the recommendations are on pen needles, I suspect it 
is change on every injection but I used to change them every time I changed 
a cartridge - which was every 5 or 6 days.

Why? Not because I was paying for them but for convenience. They seemed to 
last at least a week before becoming dull and the risk of infection or 
problems is minimal.  It is a similar situation with lancets.

It will be a long wait before pen needles finally make it to the prescribed 

The situation with infusion sets is different because of the significant 
increased risk of infection.


At 08:22 28/01/00 , you wrote:
>With regard to giving sets.... Because you are meant to change them
>every 2 or 3 days... and everyone is enthusiastic but when people are
>paying for themsleves are you more likely to try and make them last the
>3 days or longer? I have patients with pens who pay for thei own needles
>at the moment and they don't change them to recommendations... any
>ideas? We are still waiting for pen needles to be covered by NHS.....

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