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Re: [IPk] Group input

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From: Julette Kentish <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, 27 January, 2000 14:03
Subject: [IPk] Group input

> [Julette Kentish]  People on a trial of insulin pumps got together as a
> group last night and all the feedback was great. It is so nice for me to
> physically hear what these patients think about how pumps have given
> them freedom  especially when they were apprehensive to start with.
> Perhaps that sort of angle should be used when talking to health
> commission bodies - rather than documenting on paper. If health
> professionals have doubts they should talk with a group of pumpers on
> how they have been able to lead more normal lives.... It's not perfect
> but it's getting there....julette:)
> ----------------------------------------------------------
I could not agree more with you. I have been to talks/lectures about pumps
where no more than one of the 'team' has ever used a pump. I have given
talks to local diabetic groups about the pump, where great interest has been
shown, but it has never gone further than that. I was going to have
suggested that if it was ever possible for members of the group to get
together, for a presentation or whatever, so much more effect is raised if
people can see lots (5+) of people who all tell similar stories of benefit.
I think the difference of getting a group of people together compared with
one lecturer is like the difference between being taught only in a classroom
and actually seeing the things that are being described. The (often slight)
differences a group of people can present is worth so much more and the
slight differences make people realise that it is real and not just a
preformatted script, as I am sure diabetics, doctors etc can often feel when
meeting somebody from a pump company (as with insurance salesmen).
All the best,

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