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Re: [IPk] pump appointment Monday

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Subject: [IPk] pump appointment Monday

> I have my first appointment on Monday at the clinic that does insulin
> pumps.  What should I wear?  I've asked two people this question and they
> both thought it very strange, but I regard a first appointment in a new
> clinic the same way I would regard a job interview - particularly as I
> the clinic to give me something I don't have already!
> So what sort of outfit says, competent and capable of using a pump and
> certainly deserving of one, paid for by the health board.
> You'll probably all think I'm a very silly individual, but I'm serious
> about this - particularly as I don't currently have a 'job interview'
> outfit!
> elizabeth
One thing I would suggest is too not wear expensive (or expensive looking)
clothes, simply for the reason that if you want them to offer you infusion
sets etc you don't want to look as if you own a great deal already, on the
other hand you don't want to look as if you have never owned (or earned) a
I think the best principal is more to do with how you react/reason. The best
principal is to show both a great deal of interest and knowledge. Re.
physical appearance, if it does make a difference, (which is true of some
but not other doctors) the best answer is probably simply to look smart.
I don't know if this is of any help?

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