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Re: [IPk] Re:Hospital Visits


I fully support your comments and approach.  At Disetronic we fully beleive
patients who are suitable for pump therapy should be able to choose this
option if they are able to undertake it and to pay for it as things
currently stand.  I know it is not the fashionable thing for this IP-UK
group to have understanding or respect for diabetes teams who are not
familiar with pump therapy.  There are good reasons historically why the UK
teams are cautious regarding pump therapy.  I maintain that it is all our
jobs to convince and persuade by reasoned argument and successful example.
Very little education or training has been provided in this area for approx
12 years until approx April of this year.  Whether you ie (IP-UK) like to
admit it and accept it or not you need the support of your diabetes teams to
maintain good health.

Why not work with your teams instead of beating them over the head re their
lack of knowledge.

Attitudes are changing fast and several serious initiatives are getting
underway which are fully supported by the medical and nursing
professions-give your teams some credit.

Best wishes

 John H
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Date: 25 January 2000 01:53
Subject: [IPk] Re:Hospital Visits

>Dear All ,
>I am slightly dismayed at the lastest trend appearing on the list .I have
>only been pumping for a few months but I couldn't have coped without the
>support of Sandra Dudley at Harrogate in the begining  .I do not believe
>that it is possible to have the same degree of trust in somebody who is on
>the other side of the world even if they are just a phonecall away.I come
>from a medical backgound and still found that the simple things of changing
>sites and just learning to live with the pump was difficult. Part of the
>reason I decided in the first place to trial the pump was because of the
>level of support I was promised , personally I think I would feel very
>vulnerable without it .
>Michael - Without meaning to be disrespectful I believe you live in the US
>things are different over here it has taken 5 yrs for me to hear about
>let alone get one .Please please don't jeopardise the trials and studies
>being carried out here yes we would all like to give everyone an
>to own a pump if they want funded by the NHS but we have to be realistic
>do this slowly .All it would take is one death related in any way to the
>pump for it to be headline news and that would put pumping in this country
>behind by 10-20 years .Think of the number of diabetics who would never
>about pumps or worse yet be turned off pumps if that happened .
>Wayne ,Jeremy, John, Morag  and all the others who expressed the same
>feeling of fear-  I agree this has to be done slowly .It doesn't stop us
>giving and getting as much publicity for pumping as possible .Let as many
>diabetics as possible know about pumps thats where we need to start .
>Pat - You may need to start writing the NOF application I have a wonderful
>consultant in Grimsby Hospital and I truly hold out hope for him.
>Yours Carol Clohessy
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help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml