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Re: [IPk] Poss. sources of info.

Jeremy -

Thanks for those references.

If anyone is interested in reading more of these papers, they can often be
accessed from your computer by going to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/
. This is an archive of about 9 million medical papers from medical
journals around the world, maintained by the US government. For most
papers, the abstract is provide free of charge. The abstract is a detailed
summary of what the paper says. It's not usually necessary to read the
entire paper itself - this is often medical mumbo-jumbo! - but the abstract
gives you a good idea of what the paper says.


>Although somewhat dated a research project was carried out by the 'Centers
>for Diabetes Control' in the mid eighties which proved that pumps did not
>cause deaths (a fact which many doctors believe). Ref. Teutsch SM, Herman
>WH, Dwyer DM, et al Mortality among diabetic patients using CSII pumps; N
>Engl J Med 1984-310(6)-361-8
>Other books/articles are 'The insulin pump Therapy Book', 1995 (Minimed)
>'Reduction of severe hypoglycemic events in type1 diabetic patients using
>CSII'  Diabetic Res 1988;8(4):189-93 (Eichner HI, Selam JL, Holleman CB,
>et al)
>'Pathogenisis and prevention of  the dawn phenomenon in diabetic patients
>treated with CSII' Diabetes 1986;35(1):78-82 (Koivisto VA, Yki-Jarvinen H,
>Helve E, et al)
>'Patient selection for insulin pump therapy'  Pract Diabetol 1992;11:12-8
>(Marcus AO)
>'Psycological impact of CSII pump therapy in non-selected newly diagnosed
>type1 diabetic children: evaluation after two years of therapy.'  Diabete
>Metab 1990;16(4):273-7 (Slijper FM, De Beaufort CE, Bruining GJ, et al)
>'CSII for the treatment of diabetic patients with hypoglycemia
>unawareness'  Diab Nutr Metab 1991;4:41-3 (Hirsch IB, Farkas-Hirsch R,
>Cryer PE)
>'Successful long term pump use and SMBG in 205 patients'  Diabetes
>1994;43(Suppl1):691  (Bode BW, Steed D, Davidson PC)
>'Long-term safety, efficacy and side effects of CSII treatment for type1
>diabetes mellitus: a one centre experience'  Diabetologia 1989;32:421-6
>(Chantelau E, Spraul M,  Mulhauser I, et al)
>The DCCT trial provides very useful information (re. intensive treatment

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