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[IPk] Re: BOUNCE email @ redacted: Non-member submission from [Mail De

> Bugger. email @ redacted 's welcome note has bounced. Doesn't
> look good does it...
> How come I can email Estelle, but your server can't? Is the problem
> intermittent, or is your stuff coming in via a different - and
> perhaps faulty - route?
> What do you suggest? Shall I unsubscribe them and tell Estelle to
> use the browser version?

Don't know what the problem is. Let's wait until tomorrow (my time). 
When I interrogate their name and mail servers, they seem to answer 
properly AND I have not gotten any additional errors this afternoon. 
Something has changed, but I don't know what. Perhaps they fixed 
whatever was broken.

BTW, I've been tied up with customer stuff (I'm actually making some 
money) so haven't had a chance to look at the web site issue. I'd 
also like to get IP choice up and running.

email @ redacted
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