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[IPk] British Legal System

Hi John,
Re. AVMA and my experiences.
Over two of the last three years I have been involved with a legal issue in 
court. I can assure you that a good solicitor would have few problems 
winning the situation that I described. Added to that was the point I made 
that nothing of that sort had happened before (OK I've woken up in a pool 
of sweat due to an overnight hypo and so on) and had this happened soon 
after going on a pump, a solicitor could make mincemeat of a doctor, 
without really solid evidence to support what he did.
The truth in court is a side issue. I was just putting this forward as a 
possible (not actual) reason as to why so many consultants may be hesitant 
about/against putting a patient on the pump. Think back to the twenties, 
when insulin was discovered, patients initially had to plead to get it (if 
they knew about it) rather than proceed with the starvation policy (who's 
name I cannot remember).
To get pumps advanced every element has to be considered (I may be wrong), 
with the spare money Bill Gates has in every pocket the best thing that 
could happen would be if he was to get type1 diabetes and make use of a pump.
I think we might agree (it does happen in my life from time to time) I am 
not suggesting that age should be a fixed barrier, but I think (much?) more 
consideration should be given before giving a pump to a child. Another 
reason being that during the teens views of the world can change so much 
that what they think is great today in a year's time their view may be 
reversed. Also overtime (especially when young) one can forget what the 
'bad times' were like if there is only minimal experience of it, thus 
reducing the appreciation of the pump. I note these are just my thoughts, 
nothing proven and can be dismissed, in the same way that a doctor 
dismisses the use of a pump.
re. Stem cells and beta cells, there is a vast difference between the two. 
While the research into beta cells has been going on for much longer, I 
have little confidence they will ever provide a true cure. I relate to a 
lecture I was at by Prof. Mark Dunne, who has been doing much research into 
beta cells. They may be able to offer  a temporary relief to diabetes but 
are more atune to type2 diabetes than type1, there are many problems 
(obviously), but I cannot see how they would provide an actual cure, except 
to those (very small number) who are born with diabetes (the cause for this 
would appear to be different). Stem cells on the other hand appear to offer 
something very different, causing the body to regrow the dead islets (or 
bones for arthritis). The likelyhood of rejection (I understand) is much 
reduced and they can be implanted very easily anywhere and cause regrowth 
in the pancreas, again there are obvious problems but the source and amount 
of money being put into them suggests others believe they are a good 
(profitable) future. I can send you a booklet explaining them in detail, if 
you so wish. My reference to source of money compares with the source of 
money being put into non-invasive blood-sugar testers. Until the last 18 
months no blood-sugar meter manufacturer put a penny towards this research 
(their money comes from the test strips, not the meters), but now they are 
pouring money into this, because they realise they are going to come on the 
scene, before too long and their only hope of profits is if they are there 
at the beginning (having a part in the patents).
Yes thanks, emails are getting through, although I sent one to UK-IP rather 
than IP-UK, and it didn't. re AOL, having rung them up to cancel my account 
they offer me another 5 hours (and a month's fee) for free. Never mind how 
bad their teeth there's no point in turning a free horse away.

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