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Re: [IPk] Recording and Analysis of BG results on a computer

>As a supplementary question, do any of you perform testing of your meters
>with standard glucose solutions? If so can you tell me of a cheap source for
>the solutions which, aside from being expensive, have a very limited shelf

Best idea is to test your meter when you are next at your diabetes clinic.
They will surely have some solution in a cupboard somewhere - but probably
a good idea to ring in advance so they can find it. Different solutions for
different meters btw.

Having said this, I did it once at the BRI in Bristol, and the result was
remarkably useless: the low-value bottle said that if the result should be
between 2.5 and 5.0 (or something like that). Well, if my true bg was 2.6,
and the meter said it was 4.9, I would not regard that as satisfactory!!!
But in reality, although meters are much more accurate than that, that is
as far as the manufactures are willing to guarantee the accuracy of cheap,
disposable home bg meters. Ah well. Ya live and learn...


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