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[IPk] Recording and Analysis of BG results on a computer

I use a MediSense Card Sensor for monitoring my blood glucose. MediSense
have a system called Precision Link which allows you to download results
from the sensor to your PC via a communications box and then to store and
analyse the results. Firstly, does anyone have experience of this system?
Secondly, it costs 99 and I cannot really afford this at present so I
wondered if anyone has used their computer to perform a similar function
with another programmme? I have MS Works on my computer but have really only
used this for letter writing up to now. Could I set up something resembling
my BG diary, manually entering results by date and time and then using this
to analyse the results and draw a graph on, say, a monthly basis? I feel
sure that many will regard this as a "no-brainer" type of question but I
just don't seem to be able to translate my needs into a useful solution.

As a supplementary question, do any of you perform testing of your meters
with standard glucose solutions? If so can you tell me of a cheap source for
the solutions which, aside from being expensive, have a very limited shelf

Now I feel like a cheapskate<g>


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