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Re: [IPk] AVMA

>circumstances could have been used against pumps. Before Christmas I
>suffered a hypo at about 4 in the morning, I believe the hypo induced a
>nightmare (which I have never had in my life before). I ended up getting
>out of bed and smashing a double-glazed window (all while asleep), the cold
>air made me semi-conscious and the police turned up. My bg was about 1, and
>I took glucose. Had it not been for the Georgian bars I might have gone
>through the window. I could not think what might have caused this situation
>and did not dream of the pump being at fault.

Jeremy -

Sorry to hear about your window-smashing hypo! Judging by the stories I've
heard on other mailing lists, I believe these sort of antics are even more
common on injections - so I think a court of law would be hard pushed to
prove that this wouldn't have happened if you had been on injection therapy.

Do you suspect pump malfunction? Have you had that pump serviced
subsequently? I've always thought that due to the thousands of internal
checks that pumps now perform on themselves every hour, these sort of
things are extremely rare - the pump closes down and sounds an alarm if any
component malfunctions. But perhaps I'm wrong.

18 months ago I had my dawn-effect suddenly disappear one night, causing me
to go hypo in the night, since the basal rise I had pre-programmed was now
not required. So insulin requirements can suddenly change, but on
injections I never had fine enough control to notice.


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