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Re: [IPk] Re:Hospital Visits

>Hey! I heard about pumps in a camp ground in the mountains. The guy
>in the next campsite had one. Do you thing that the medical facility
>I was taking my daughter to knew anything -- what a laugh (Stanford
>Children's Hospital). I had to search for an endo that would even
>talk to me.

There's a great quote in the Autumn 1999 edition of the Juvenile Diabetes
Foundation (JDF) magazine, "Countdown":

"...it seems clear that people with diabetes who take an aggressive
approach to their care do better. It's not what they decide ... but the
willingness to look at the options and go through the process. In major
decisions or in daily care, the consensus is that people who take charge
seem to do better."

Like you, Michael, I have a can-do attitude, and I will always encourage
people to not just be passive recipients of diabetes care. Educate yourself
to the maximum extent of your ability - the internet is great for this:
there's loads of information out there. And actively seek out a consultant
who will intelligently discuss the issues with you. Even within the NHS you
have a right to choose where you get your diabetes care. But you have to
take the initiative. I know a girl who interviewed several doctors before
choosing who would be responsible for her diabetes care. Ultimately doctors
do respect patients who educate themselves.


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