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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

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De : Rainnea Graphics <email @ redacted>
 : email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date : jeudi 20 janvier 2000 14:51
Objet : RE: [IPk] Hospital visit

>I have to agree that proper support from a well trained diabetes team is
>ideal situation - I'm not really keen on the idea of going onto a
>new regime without the back-up of the hospital. I am just hoping that after
>a months trial the resulting control in my diabetes will be improved enough
>for my consultant to agree that it is well worth me investing in a pump.
>After all it is going to be my money that has to somehow fund this and not
>the diabetic clinic's.
Just a word of caution: a month's trial seems unreasonably short to
demonstrate conclusively the improvements a pump can help you achieve,
particularly if a judgement is to be made based only on biochemical

I was told, and it was my experience, that there is not often a marked
improvement in HBA1C in the first couple of months, because one of the first
aims of a proper planned introduction to the pump (and I know this seems to
be a rarity in the UK)  is the elimination of hypos, which not only
misleadingly reduce HBA1C, but also screw up many diabetics' control for
much longer than they realise.

It is clear that to achieve a regime which is substantially without hypos,
compress overall bg levels through adjustments to the basal rate and feel
confident with a strategy of preventing bg levels from rising, rather than
chasing after and trying to bring down highs, the pump is currently the best
tool available, but it takes time.

I would recommend that you be sure to include arguments on your ability to
exploit the pump's potential as a very intensive injection regime in your
discussions with your consultant, rather than pin everything on your next
HBA1C result.

Good luck.

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