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Re: [IPk] NICE

> I just visited the NICE homepage, and discovered that insulin pump
> therapy isn't even on the list of therapies being considered.
> I guess that answers the question 'how likely is it that pumps will
> become conventional treatment within the next two years, in the UK'.
> --
> Pat Reynolds
> email @ redacted

Hi Pat,
What you say about NICE is very informative, but does not surprise me.
Having seen how the BDA is controlled, anything that is not standard
(historically) or is not strongly supported by some diabetic specialist
proffessor (apologies for spelling) is dismissed, before it even gets to the
However last year (concerning the closing of 'Springhill' holiday camp),
numerous letters were received, addressed personally to each trustee. While
the end effect was not what the writers (mostly children & parents) wanted
it caused a lot of attention to be paid to the subject and there was a time
when the decision might have been reversed. If we (IP-UK) were all to do the
same, as must be very easy given the equipment we must have to be within the
list, there is a strong possibility that the subject of pumps would be
brought before the trustees and discussed.
At the present moment an NSF (National Services Framework) is being
constructed by the BDA and the government. It might be possible to include
the subject of pumps within that paper. As I have stated before the current
government listens to charities (and makes promises????) whereas it does not
listen to individuals. If each person (whether a member of the BDA or not)
was to write (not email) to each trustee it might just break the glass in
Britain. The best way is to write seperate letters to each trustee and send
them all to Queen Anne St., in one (large) envelope.
If people wish to do this I can provide the names of all the trustees.
Amongst the board there are 3-4 people with pump experience, who favour
pumps, so the subject will not fall on deaf ears. The biggest problem is
getting the subject raised.
Your point is very well made (I think).
I leave it to members as to what we should do.
All the best ,

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