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Re: [IPk] Re:Hospital Visits

A bit of this is tongue in cheek....

> Michael - Without meaning to be disrespectful I believe you live in
> the US things are different over here it has taken 5 yrs for me to
> hear about pumps let alone get one .

Hey! I heard about pumps in a camp ground in the mountains. The guy 
in the next campsite had one. Do you thing that the medical facility 
I was taking my daughter to knew anything -- what a laugh (Stanford 
Children's Hospital). I had to search for an endo that would even 
talk to me.

> Please please don't jeopardise
> the trials and studies being carried out here yes we would all like
> to give everyone an opportunity to own a pump if they want funded by
> the NHS but we have to be realistic and do this slowly .All it would
> take is one death related in any way to the pump for it to be
> headline news and that would put pumping in this country behind by
> 10-20 years .
That is not possible, you are already 10-20 years behind.

I only responded to a request to someone on the UK list. If you wish 
to wait "forever" for pumps to be available to those who need them 
that is your privilege. I simply have facilitated a way to circumvent 
the arcane system you presently have. I'd do it in a second myself if 
it meant my child could have a pump and I lived in the UK.

> Think of the number of diabetics who would never hear
> about pumps or worse yet be turned off pumps if that happened .

That is a very pessimistic view, but that is the difference between 
the new world and old world attitudes and upbringing. Life is about 
taking risks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained :-)

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