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Re: [IPk] Hospital Visits

>I am slightly dismayed at the lastest trend appearing on the list .I have
>only been pumping for a few months but I couldn't have coped without the
>support of Sandra Dudley at Harrogate in the begining  .I do not believe

I agree, Carol. This is a bit of a red herring. One thing that does come
across though is that there are many routes which can be followed,
depending on who you are, and how you feel about the situation.

But 99% of people will want to remain totally within the NHS - and every
bit of progress we can make there is extremely valuable, and that is where
the good work will be done.

Certain aspects of pump therapy do lend themselves to remote consultations:
faxing your bg results, and ringing up to discuss tweaking your basal rates
is an example. But other aspects require you to sit face to face with a
doctor or nurse. Is this infusion site infected? Is this scarring on my
abdomen unacceptable? How do I insert this new type of infusion set? For
most beginners, there are a thousand questions like these that most people
would like answered face-to-face with a professional.

Excellent news from Bristol, by the way. They are just starting 6 people on
pump therapy today. These are normal people who were, I believe, actively
recruited by Edwin Gale, the chief diabetes consultant there. I think Edwin
is cautiously unrolling a pump program at Bristol, and more people are
lined up there to try it later in the year. I'd like to think that Edwin
was in some small way encouraged by my own good experiences (I turned up at
his clinic one day and said "By the way, I've got a pump from a private
London specialist. And here's a letter from him to you." It was all rather
friendly, provided I was paying for everything myself!)


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