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[IPk] pumps and doctors

Pat wrote:
If doct
have more than one pump user, I'd bet several hours voluntary ser
that it's because user A talked loudly in the waiting room rather
because user A persuaded doctor B that they were good enough to
prescribe to others.

--->OK, I may be in an unusual situation here (having a wonderful
doctor), but there ARE some doctors in this country who would never
suggest a pump, but if persuaded, are willing to let people give it a
go (and take notice of the results). My doc wouldn't have suggested it
to me, but when I suggested it, he agreed after listening to my reasons
(OK, i know that's pretty unusual, but it isn't impossible). But the interesting thing was that
he was convinced by its success, simply because he is one of  the few
doctors who actually listens to his patients. I wasn't happy with my
control beforehand, and he accepted that I should be able to have a better
quality of life and better results. 
After my first 2 months on the pump, I cam back saying I felt
fantastic and how wonderful my readings were, and he was as ecstatic
as I was. he made a big point of writing in his notes how much
improved I was.

OK, so he had a handful of patients on the pump before me, but none in the same
kind of situation as me (most of them, if not all, were on the pump
for other reasons).

Anyway, what I'm saying is, I know I've been very lucky, but don't
despair of all doctors being anti-pumps. yes, they may not suggest
them to you, or even agree at first, but with some persuasion, they
may come round. How many times have I heard people say "I asked my doc
about a pump and he was against the idea". But in 90 percent of cases,
that person has simply gone and said "I've heard about these pump
things. Can I have one?" Unsurprising, then, that he's said no.
Youhave to at least go with all the evidence to support your cause,
and show how determined you are. I went with the attitude that even if
he said no, I was going to do it anyway (though luckily I didn't need
to). I know that some doctors are obstinate to the last, but it's not
all doom and gloom. And there are some doctors who are spreading the
word. It will take time, but it's happening......You just have to be
patient and try and get the best control you can in the meantime with
what limited tools you have (not easy, I know!).

off my soapbox and back into internet-free zones (so go ahead and
flame me cos I shan't see it!)

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