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RE: [IPk] Hospital visit

 > Do you really make an appointment and go to clinic to ask a question
> about adjusting basal rates??

Well, this is interesting as my clinic INSISTED that I come in for my pump
basal rate tuning!  I didn't want to and said I'd email her my stats and we
could go from there, but she insisted.  I thought it was annoying and

However, in the first few days on the pump I really wasn't sure if the thing
was malfunctioning or the infusion sets had gone bad or if the basal rate
was the only issue or whatever.  So some personal one-on-one was quite
reassuring I guess.

> The support team 
> could be anywhere in the entire world and it would not make a 
> difference these days. I'm not trying to convince you to use a remote 
> medical team, but you can't equate results from 15 years ago with the 
> pump AND communications technology that were available then to what 
> can be achieved today. You have an opportunity now to help a lot of 
> people better manage their diabetes. If the medical system in one 
> place can't or won't cope with the problem, their are systems 
> elsewhere that can. There is no excuse or reason for someone to go 
> without the best possible care for the diabetes, particularly a 
> youngster where they must live in a virtual prison atmosphere to 
> achieve any kind of control at all.</soapbox-down>

Good points Michael.  Thanks.

I think that many of us understand the analogy of living in a prison,
feeling unsupported, alone, and this applies regardless of the type of
diabetes care we have available.  Certainly being on this mailing list has
opened my eyes so so so much and I now know that what I have experienced in
my diabetes care is a worldwide phenomenon.  I see my horror storied
reflected in the lives of others and have gained much comfort and support
from hanging out here.

Mike Jensen
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