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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

> Thank goodness for some real sense. I feel exactly what you say
> about people possibly going onto a pump, without proper support,
> ending up being used against the progress of pumps. This is what
> happened in the early eighties with (I think it was in Sheffield) an
> improperly controlled research/trial. The doctors can (and do)
> choose only the results they want to believe. 

<soapbox-up>This may have been true in the 80's, but with truely 
Global Communications, your Dr. is a phone call away. Do you really 
make an appointment and go to clinic to ask a question about 
adjusting basal rates?? Most people see their medical team ever few 
months at the most for a routine exam and hbA1c. The support team 
could be anywhere in the entire world and it would not make a 
difference these days. I'm not trying to convince you to use a remote 
medical team, but you can't equate results from 15 years ago with the 
pump AND communications technology that were available then to what 
can be achieved today. You have an opportunity now to help a lot of 
people better manage their diabetes. If the medical system in one 
place can't or won't cope with the problem, their are systems 
elsewhere that can. There is no excuse or reason for someone to go 
without the best possible care for the diabetes, particularly a 
youngster where they must live in a virtual prison atmosphere to 
achieve any kind of control at all.</soapbox-down>

> Having seen some
> people who tried the pump but for whom it did no good I am also
> scared about people going out on their own without some form of
> knowledgable medical support. 

Didn't propose that, only proposed that the support be remote -- 
probably much more knowledgable than what is locally available or 
will be available for some time.

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