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RE: [IPk] Hospital visit

I live in New Zealand by the way.

>without proper support, ending up being used
>against the progress of pumps. This is what happened in the early >eighties
with (I think it was in Sheffield) an improperly controlled >research/trial.
The doctors can (and do) choose only the results they >want to believe.

This is so true.  There are active pump sabateurs (sp!) out there who will
do anything to discredit progress and advances in patient care (ridiculous,
but true).  If our pump efforts are not carefully carried out then we will
not only be harming ourselves individually but the wider diabetic community
interested in this therapy.  To be fair though, most diabetes care
professionals are open to embracing pump therapy but are quite anxious about
the new technology, understandably.

>Having seen some people who tried the pump but for whom it did no good >I
am also scared about people going out on their own without some form >of
knowledgable medical support.

Yes, agreed.

I also think that getting started on the pump can present quite a steep
learning curve for both patient and doctor.  In my own case it took several
days to make the transition from MDI to pump and I was initially very
discouraged and felt quite lonely and vulnerable (I was initially given a
flat basal rate on the pump and this resulted in my BGs being totally
screwed, all over the place, and it took days to settle them down by tuning
the basal rate).  My local hospital helped me through this period and we
eventually prevailed.  I think that haivng a physical person to hold my hand
was invaluable actually (although the nurse and i did correspond by email
and phone as well as me visiting her).

Mike (whose trial is over and who is now trying to get funding - positive
thoughts and donations gratefully received!!!).
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