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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

Hi Morag,
Thank goodness for some real sense. I feel exactly what you say about people
possibly going onto a pump, without proper support, ending up being used
against the progress of pumps. This is what happened in the early eighties
with (I think it was in Sheffield) an improperly controlled research/trial.
The doctors can (and do) choose only the results they want to believe.
Having seen some people who tried the pump but for whom it did no good I am
also scared about people going out on their own without some form of
knowledgable medical support.
With regard to your mention of MAGE, as a diabetic the only thing that
worries me about it is that its use makes it a lot more difficult for the
diabetic to fool the doctor that he/she is well balanced (at 6 monthly
appointments). I have to admit that on occasions when my driving license is
due for renewal (requiring the consultant's approval) I have worked out what
my HbA1c is likely to be and done things in the week or two before the
appointment to get it to what the consultant most wants. This must be very
difficult with the use of MAGE. Presumeably its use will become much easier
when non-invasive blood-sugar meters arrive.

Best Wishes ,

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Slow down this is starting to scare me !!

UK pump users are still going to need supportive centres here who can see
them , assist with pump advise and troubleshooting etc.
Long distance medical care can be difficult and may result in problems .

This may be a stop gap and allow a few people to get onto a pump quickly but
it is not a suitable long term solution .

We are training pump centres in the UK as quickly as we can and if your
doctors aren't supportive we can arrange to give them a presentation on the
benefits of CSII including an update on recent studies and try to change
their views .
If they remain unhelpful we can suggest that you contact other centres where
we are setting up a pump programme and pumps are being used .

The UK situation is improving quickly but some areas are slower to start
than others .

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the best approach that
will work for you in your area .

Michael , thanks for your ideas . I do feel that the pump doctor needs to
see the patient .
If things go wrong in the conservative UK with pumps now then the doctors
and NHS will never consider this a viable alternative to injections .

How do the rest of you feel about this ?

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