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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

>Slow down this is starting to scare me !!
>UK pump users are still going to need supportive centres here who can see
>them ,
>assist with pump advise and troubleshooting etc.
>Long distance medical care can be difficult and may result in problems .
>How do the rest of you feel about this ?

I feel just like you Morag! :-)

Encouraging people to get remote medical advice from another continent,
medical culture and legal system, would seem very fraught with problems! I
don't doubt it could be done, but it hardly sets a good precedent.

Britain has an excellent medical system, and, like the US system, it has
its strengths and weaknesses. Stepping outside the NHS (like I, and others
here, have done) is only a short-term solution, although it may help to
kick start the adoption of pump therapy.

Our ultimate goal is for pump therapy to be routinely available to all
suitable candidates, fully paid for by the NHS, and supervised and
supported by local clinics with good experience. To achieve this I believe
we, as patients, need to pressurize our doctors, ask them searching
questions, ensure that they are fully informed about all the advances being
made in different countries around the world. That way thousands and not
just hundreds can enjoy the freedom and benefits that pump therapy can


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