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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

Slow down this is starting to scare me !!

UK pump users are still going to need supportive centres here who can see them , assist with pump advise and troubleshooting etc.
Long distance medical care can be difficult and may result in problems .

This may be a stop gap and allow a few people to get onto a pump quickly but it is not a suitable long term solution .

We are training pump centres in the UK as quickly as we can and if your doctors aren't supportive we can arrange to give them a presentation on the benefits of CSII including an update on recent studies and try to change their views .
If they remain unhelpful we can suggest that you contact other centres where we are setting up a pump programme and pumps are being used .

The UK situation is improving quickly but some areas are slower to start than others .

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the best approach that will work for you in your area .

Michael , thanks for your ideas . I do feel that the pump doctor needs to see the patient .
If things go wrong in the conservative UK with pumps now then the doctors and NHS will never consider this a viable alternative to injections .

How do the rest of you feel about this ?
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From: Michael <email @ redacted

>> I wonder if insulin-pumpers.org is willing to go just a little
>> further, and refer people to medical advisors willing to do a
>> one-off case review and prescription (for a set fee, of course). 
>> The doctor(s) could combine the reviews with holidays in the UK (or
>> other backward countries) or we could add in the cost of a holiday
>> to the US to the overall cost of the pump.  That is, if the doctors
>> feel that it is necessary to actually see the patient, rather than
>> just their notes.
>I'll take it up with some of the docs I know in the US. Recently 
>there has been a crackdown on physicians that prescribe without 
>seeing the patient or reviewing records. I think there could be a 
>work around if the medical records were available.
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