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[IPk] Get ON the PUMP

> I wonder if insulin-pumpers.org is willing to go just a little
> further, and refer people to medical advisors willing to do a
> one-off case review and prescription (for a set fee, of course). 
> The doctor(s) could combine the reviews with holidays in the UK (or
> other backward countries) or we could add in the cost of a holiday
> to the US to the overall cost of the pump.  That is, if the doctors
> feel that it is necessary to actually see the patient, rather than
> just their notes.

Ok, your wish is my command.

I've just gotten of the phone with Dr. Joe Prendergast (see our 
medical advisory board on the ABOUT page for CV). He is prepared to 
take a history and necessary information and get people on the pump. 
He currently has many pump patients, one of whom is my daughter Lily.

To do this, simply go to his web site:


and sign up for the free 90 day diabetes management program. He will 
take it from there. He is already doing this in several other 
countries where embassy personel are referring patients who can not 
get treatment else where.

See! ask and yea shall receive!

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