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Re: [IPk] Hospital visit

I wonder if insulin-pumpers.org is willing to go just a little further,
and refer people to medical advisors willing to do a one-off case review
and prescription (for a set fee, of course).  The doctor(s) could
combine the reviews with holidays in the UK (or other backward
countries) or we could add in the cost of a holiday to the US to the
overall cost of the pump.  That is, if the doctors feel that it is
necessary to actually see the patient, rather than just their notes.

_Of course_ this is a second-rate service: we deserve full back-up from
a doctor and his or her team.  But it seems to me that for many, a
prescribed pump without back-up is better than what they currently have.

In message <email @ redacted>, Michael
<email @ redacted> writes
>> >wonder!) However I did eventually get the OK to go on trial for a month, but
>> >she has left it completely up to me and will see me in the usual 6 months
>> >time and gave me the number of the diabetic nurse for my area if I had any
>> >problems.
>> Tanya - as you say, goodish news. I'm slightly surprised that they
>> are willing to approve you for pump therapy, without providing the
>> appropriate training and backup at their own clinic. 
>Remember -- there are numerous CDE's on the US list that usually 
>answer questions... AND we do have a medical advisory board that will 
>respond to a serious technical question should something come up. 
>Just send a description of the problem to me.
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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