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[IPk] Hospital visit

Well I had my visit to the diabetic clinic today, to broach the subject of
pump treatment. It had good and bad points - I got the distinct feeling the
consultant was not at all for pump treatment and wanted to put my eratic
results down to stress (for the last 22 years since I was diagnosed?). One
of the main stumblimg blocks was of course the cost of both meter and
infusion sets. So it looks like I'll have to fund this somehow myself. She
also said that there hadn't been enough trials of pumps in the UK to know
whether they were benficial or not. (Could this be due to lack of support I
wonder!) However I did eventually get the OK to go on trial for a month, but
she has left it completely up to me and will see me in the usual 6 months
time and gave me the number of the diabetic nurse for my area if I had any

I knew that the medical profession weren't keen on pump therapy after
reading everyone's postings for the last 2 months, but I was still surprised
at the negative response to the idea let alone actually putting it into
practice. It was only because I kept coming back to the point and eventually
asked about the trial that I got anywhere. Thank goodness both MiniMed and
Disetronic offer a no obligation months trial, as I think without that I
wouldn't have got anywhere.

I am so looking forward to giving it a go and seeing if the pump will help
me control my diabetes better.


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