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Re: [IPk] Glycemic excursions

John ,
The calculation is just taken from a mass of B/G measurements and several of the meters provide programmes allowing you to download all this data and punch out these figures .

If you have the time it does provide interesting reading and lots of data .
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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 16 January 2000 22:43
Subject: Re: [IPk] Rioting

>>number-crunching for diabetics is particularly meaningful, why can't
>>every diabetologist publish an average HbA1c, MERP (was it?  I forget
>>the acronym - basically the measurement of wobble), and also the average
>MoW (measure of wobble) or MAGE (mean amplitude of glycemic excursion)? I
>think I know which the Campaign for Plain English would like! :-)
>PS Morag - is MAGE calculated from a mass of bg data (like the Minimed
>continuous monitor produces)? Or is there some newly discovered clinical
>method of measuring it in retrospect (like the HbA1c)? I rather assume it
>is the former...
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