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Re: [IPk] Pump users re Riots v Reason

Hi Wendy (Johnson) -

If I've understood you correctly, I believe you are in a very interesting
situation! If you are already on a pump, and your Blackpool clinic won't
support pump therapy, then clearly they must refer you to a clinic that
does. How far is it to Manchester? About 45 miles? The MRI has a good pump
centre, and may even provide infusion sets for free.

If you have no luck there, your GP is your next port of call for infusion
set funding: he can't prescribe infusion sets at the moment (I'm told that
progress is being made in this area, and that in the next year or two, the
Department of Health *may* add them to the list of things that you can get
free on prescription.) but he may have access to discretionary funds that
can be used to pay for them.

Also write to your health authority, explaining the situation, enclosing
copies of your bg results etc, and possibly a letter of reference from your
Dubai doctor, saying that pump therapy is the only successful way you have
found of avoiding nighttime hypos etc.

A letter or article in your local paper seems to be de rigeur at the
moment, and this may spur your health authority into action.

Regarding you nighttime hypos, your experiences sound horribly similar to
mine: random nighttime hypos, for no particular reason. My feeling is that
its caused by irregular absorbtion of the long acting insulin. One solution
that worked for me (before I knew about pumps) was to go back onto pork
insulin: the hypos stopped, but I still couldn't get the stability combined
with flexibility I get on the pump.

Take care - and enjoy your new 508 when it arrives :-)


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