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Re: [IPk] Pump users re Riots v Reason

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From: WENDY <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, 16 January, 2000 09:56
Subject: [IPk] Pump users re Riots v Reason

> I am still waiting for my new pump to arrive .......
> I would like to know from all members the best way of approaching the NHS
> provide me with free prescriptions for my pump extra's.  I have managed to
> finance my new pump but will be struggling to find ALL the extra's -
> infusions etc.
I know exactly how how you feel, if your consultant is as he sounds there
can be advantages to request another consultant, but this does not often
produce much.
One MP worth writing to is ...(my memory fails me)- he is a liberal in
Swindon or Reading, with the smallest majority in the country, he has
diabetes (type1) and the BDA will be able to give you his name. He has
already done much in bringing diabetes to parliamentary attention, it is
worth writing to him before you write to your own MP, ask him for advice
about the best way to approach your MP. Also find out as much as you can
about your MP before writing to him. Write to the Secretary of State for
Health, detailing him with how much the pump has done for you and how much
it will save the NHS (eg with reduced hypos). You will have to be determined
and keep writing, again and again.
> I was using my free trial pump and went to see my diabetic specialist at
> Blackpool Vic hospital.  I received No help at all and was told that the
> reason no-one used the pump was because it was no good and the pump would
> always go wrong so no benefit was available from using the pump.  I asked
> how much info he had got and where from but was told that he went to all
> courses (wouldn't state what the courses were!) and that the hospital had
> used pumps 20 years ago and had found them useless!!
re. the uselessness of the pump, produce facts for your consultant about
suitability of the pump (re. publications from Dr Alan Marcus, in the USA).
It may be worth writing to Prof. Harry Keen - Metabolic Unit, Guys Hospital,
St Thomas St, London, SE1 9RT. Give him all your details, although
officially retired he is one of the strongest backers of pumps in this
country and if he sits on another doctor he has the power to get his way. If
you are lucky he may be able to solve all your problems, but it depends what
mood he is in when he reads your letter.
> I therefore didn't tell them I was using one but will wait until my next
> apppointment when I will have been using one for some time.  I will get
> hospital to take my Hba1c and see what the result is.
> I had previously gone to the hospital to find some way of reducing nightly
> hypo's but the doctor said that it was useless changing insulin as I
> to be coping with them!! - hot sweats, fits etc!!  I managed to get him to
> give me Humulin S & I instead of Monotard and Velosulin but after another
> months this was just the same and nightly hypo's still on going.
re. Monotard I think it is the worst insulin that was ever created, but that
is just a personal view.
Regarding any letter that you write make sure that you emphasise the
problems (and disasters) that WILL happen if you do not get the use of a
> I also intend writing to my MP to state the facts about getting NO HELP
> the hospital.
re. the hospital there is an official complaints procedure, which you can
get details about, but as with everything it all requires time and
persistence. See my earlier email (2/3 days ago). You are most likely to get
help from your MP if he is in opposition (not labour). If you want any other
info., do not hesitate to get in touch. All I can say is best of luck.
Jeremy Grainger

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