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[IPk] Pump users re Riots v Reason

I am still waiting for my new pump to arrive .......

I would like to know from all members the best way of approaching the NHS to
provide me with free prescriptions for my pump extra's.  I have managed to
finance my new pump but will be struggling to find ALL the extra's -
infusions etc.  
I was using my free trial pump and went to see my diabetic specialist at
Blackpool Vic hospital.  I received No help at all and was told that the
reason no-one used the pump was because it was no good and the pump would
always go wrong so no benefit was available from using the pump.  I asked
how much info he had got and where from but was told that he went to all the
courses (wouldn't state what the courses were!) and that the hospital had
used pumps 20 years ago and had found them useless!!  The hospital would
therefore not give me any support if I used one.
I therefore didn't tell them I was using one but will wait until my next
apppointment when I will have been using one for some time.  I will get the
hospital to take my Hba1c and see what the result is.
I had previously gone to the hospital to find some way of reducing nightly
hypo's but the doctor said that it was useless changing insulin as I seemed
to be coping with them!! - hot sweats, fits etc!!  I managed to get him to
give me Humulin S & I instead of Monotard and Velosulin but after another 3
months this was just the same and nightly hypo's still on going.  This time
at the hospital I asked for another change so I was given an injection pen
and told to have 5 injections instead of 2.  I would have 5 Humilin S for my
3 meals and 12 Humulin I before going to bed!!  Previously I was having 10
units Monotard + 4 Soluble morning with 4 units of both in the evening.  I
couldn't understand being told to have the 12 units before bed as I was
trying to avoid hypo's.  I only took 4 units after going home after my
appointment at the hospital and still had a hypo at 4am!!  

I am therefore waiting hopefully for my new pump to arrive !!
Is it worth going to see my GP, who hasn't the faintest idea about diabetes
but usually gives me a prescription if I need one??  Would he be able to
prescribe the infusion sets for me?

I also intend writing to my MP to state the facts about getting NO HELP from
the hospital.


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