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Re: [IPk] Rioting

In message <004901bf5ed5$51b62600$email @ redacted>,
morag_mclaren_minimed <email @ redacted> writes
>In other countries the diabetologists have played an essential part in improving 
>diabetes care .
To be fair to diabetologists in this country - most do do some of their
patients some good!  

To follow up from Morag's other post, on number-cruching:
Given that 10% of the NHS' budget is spent on diabetes (either directly,
or indirectly - e.g. through longer in-patient care), and that the
number-crunching for diabetics is particularly meaningful, why can't
every diabetologist publish an average HbA1c, MERP (was it?  I forget
the acronym - basically the measurement of wobble), and also the average
trend down of both those figures.  This would enable a doctor
specialising in poorly controlled patients to say 'well, yes, they do
tend to arrive with HbA1s in the teens and MERPs in double figures, and
as a result I'm in the bottom quarter of doctors in the UK, but when the
effectiveness of treatment measure is taken into account, you will see
I'm a little above average'.  A GP, looking for a clinic to refer a
diabetic to would be able to quickly see which is most suitable for
their patients.
GPs, too, would be required to report these figures.

I would, by the by, just like to pass on a good word about my GP (Ash
Vale Health Centre) - when I arrived home last week to find that the new
fridge had got HOT, and cooked my insulin (it got hot enough to melt
cheese), the clinic arranged, in five minutes (at 6pm) to get a
prescription for me (I only had about ten units of H in a pen and the
working bottle of M out). 

Best wishes,
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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