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Re: [IPk] Riots v Reason

>I'm relatively new to pumping only owning one thanks to the Harrogate trial
>and my diabetic nurse , but I have a problem I don't want to give the thing
>back, in actual fact I've become rather attached to it ( pardon the pun).

Carol - if you are on the Harrogate trial, please, please, please give your
pump back, and complete the trial on injections as required! (but I'm sure
you will...) Only then will we have the academic evidence to rebuff the
anti-pump consultants :-) You are indeed a martyr to the cause...

>find myself faced with how to pay for it ? I figure I can pay for one myself
>without too much dificulty , but why should I , why should any of us ?

Precisely. Once pump therapy becomes a standard treatment method for
appropriate patients (as I believe it will - it is in Germany for example -
and the Germans aren't exactly stupid or rash) then the NHS will find the
funds - no problem. But until then, we must beg, borrow and hopefully not

>Reason wins however, this has to build slowly and the various trials around
>the country and world will produce the results. we need to change current
>thinking  but Pumpers need to advertise their pumps , why not . The more
>people who know the better .There are so many diabetics out there who know
>nothing about pumps it needs more positive press both locally and nationally
>and lets face why not make your MP or even Tony Blairs day write him a
>letter !

Exactly. And with our Tony and Cherie due to get another kiddie in the next
few months, I think Downing Street may be very receptive to heart-warming
stories with a children/teenager slant on it... So get writing :-)


*If any self-payer wants a box of 15 SofSets (UltimateQR, 24 inch) email me
and I'll pop them in the post to you for nowt. Although this may
technically be theft from my insurance company, they cost me nothing and I
don't use SofSets any more, so they'll just go in the bin when they reach
their expiry date next July. I have a clean conscience...

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