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Re: [IPk] Response to emails received

>before my first use of a pump. I must note that I did not finish my maths
>degree because the consultants at The Radcliffe (Oxford) insisted on
>changing my insulin (from PZI & Soluble to Monotard) which caused me to
>have hypos every other day, so my memory of standard deviation may be not
>as good as it should.

Jeremy - I started having terrible hypos, particularly during the night,
during the first year of my maths degree. I could no longer concentrate
well, and lost intuitive powers I used to have. This coincided with my
being switched to the new "human" insulin in 1984. I only got my degree by
the skin of my teeth. Things went from bad to worse when I was switched to
Human Ultratard which left me depressed as well.

Who is to say what caused what? So many things change in our lives in those
undergraduate years. Drink, late nights, girls, sport... none of this
exactly conducive to the steady "diabetic life".

But one thing I do know is that 2 years ago when I switched to an insulin
pump (via a private specialist in London - Laurence Gerlis) my life became
my own again. Like you, everyone who knew me stopped me and said "Hey,
John, you look fantastic! What's changed?"

And my new NHS consultant - Edwin Gale - rather than throwing me out,
regarded me as something of a special case to be examined carefully...


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