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Re: [IPk] kent messanger

>All I would say in my Dr's defense is that, its not a case of him not wanting
>pump therapy as a choice, but he didn't want his 10,000 diabetic patients
>knocking at his door asking for a pump.

It's certainly a difficult course he and the medical profession are trying
to steer:

- firstly they try to stifle demand by leaving patients ignorant about the
opportunities of insulin pump therapy (and forbidding pump companies to
advertise in the BDA's magazine)

- then when the word does get out, they suppress demand by emphasing the
negative aspects and denying that the benefits even exist.

10,000 patients knocking at his door would certainly make good news for the
Kent Messenger! 10,000 patients rioting in Trafalgar Square - demanding
access to pump therapy - would be even better. But of course the British
don't like to make a fuss do they?

So we end up with the privileged and tenacious benefitting from pumps, and
even getting them paid for by the NHS, while the tens of thousands across
Britain who could benefit from pump therapy get nothing, and carry on
feeling tired all the time, having daily hypos, eating when they have to
and not when they want to, and watching their complications get worse...

I remain optimistic that in the next 2 years there will be a florishing of
pump use - as various pump trials come to fruition, and as the word gets
out. But in the mean time we must continue to raise awareness, by writing
letters to the press, to our MP's, and to the Department of Health.


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