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[IPk] John Davis re. BDA & Dennis Barnes

Hi John,
What you say about the BDA would be good, were it true. Having been a trustee for about 18 months, I am despondent. The staff are very interested in diabetes and what can be done etc, but amongst the trustees there is a great lack of interest in anything any trustee has not experienced.
I have been trying to promote pumps amongst them. Your visit with John Hughes was not even given space amongst what had gone on since the previous board meeting.
120,000 was 'given' to a consultancy to think of a new name for the charity. What will be the new name (DiabetesUK) was not even suggested by the consultancy. 40,000 is being given to a member to buy his web site address. Just think how many diabetics that money could have funded on pumps and for how long.
Amongst the trustees there are only 8-9 actual diabetics, I am the only one who had diabetes in childhood, this may be the reason why the idea of stopping the holiday camps for children is a current proposition?
I am sorry I do not believe the BDA is moving in the correct direction.
Your notes re. Dennis Barnes are interesting. He was my consultant at Guys for several years yet never once did he say anything bad about pumps. I took part in a couple of research projects he was responsible for. During which he undertook once 'insulin response' test and said that my response was more than twice as good as anybody else he had come across (I had been using the pump for about 10 years at that time). I also note that Dennis was not at Guys at the time when all the research into pumps took place there. He was not responsible for any other patients using a pump and was never keen about pumps. He was not at Guys when there were two girls who would have died (due to insulin resistance) but for the use of pumps (and 1000u/ml strength insulin).
I should not say this but he was always very sure of himself and wanted to have a view that was different to those around him. He is a friendly person but does not have enough experience of pumps to make such forthright opinions.
I note all of the above is my own opinion and may be very wrong!
Give my regards to John Hughes if you see him in the near future, I have spoken to him a lot but have yet to meet him face to face.
Best Wishes
Jeremy Grainger