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Re: [IPk] Disposable insulin pump

> Filling and running a pump is easy for nimble fingered me. But if you have
> arthritis in your fingers, severe finger-nerve damage and sight loss (quite
> common in an elderly type 2's whose diabetes has gone undiagnosed for many
> years), a normal pump would be pretty hard to use on your own.

That's true - I hadn't thought of that. 

> And a lot of type 2 (which isn't one condition, but a lot of different
> varieties) require insulin - often as a large basal rate - and even they
> fare much better on a pump than on large long-acting doses.

What I meant was that most of them would probably be better off with
adjustable basal rates and the ability to bolus. What happens when you get flu, or
get stressed, or a bad site? You have to resort to injections. if
you're going to have a pump, you might as well take advantage of its
precision and flexibility. but I suppose it does make it simler.
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