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[IPk] Software

>This is at any rate how my particular specialist approaches things (also for
>non-pumpers) and I must say it makes the common sense you clearly need go a
>lot further if you can have these sorts of analyses available.

Thank you Simon! I stand humbled (with my mathematics degree some years
behind me :-)

I've still not found any really useful software for analysng my bg results.
I use a Mac, and not a PC, so that cuts out a lot of the market. And most
of the software out there just doesn't seem to answer the questions that I
need answered. It either needs too much data, assumes you're on a fixed
injection regimen, or presents results in a rather bald unintelligent
manner. I tried the WinGlucofacts on a PC-emulator on my Mac, but it ran so
slow and took so long to download the meter resulsts, the software thought
the meter had become disconnected!

I have some of my own software on my Psion Series 3a - and I keep meaning
to polish it up and release it, but I never seem to find the time. And with
a baby arriving in the next month, the immediate future doesn't look too
hopeful :o(


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