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Re: [IPk] Disposable insulin pump

>My god, how expensive would that be?!
>And what is the point?

Don't know - I'm curious to find out...

I know that a lot of the cost of a pump is in making it accurate over a
long life-span. The original early 1980's pumps used to wear out easily,
and give inaccurate doses. Perhaps MiniMed have developed components that
can be very cheaply mass-produced, but wear out after a few weeks? Rather
like cheap watches that are fine for a while, and then break down...

Could they be like these pre-filled injection pens perhaps? The pump might
be pre-filled with insulin - ideal for the partially sighted - and the chip
in the pump could be a bog-standard chip that just costs a few dollars.

But of course, infusion sets remain the chief cost. I got through 3 last
night doing a change. The first Tender crimped as I inserted it. Threw that
away. The second one hit a blood vessel, and spurted blood when I removed
the insertion needle. I had a true geezer when I removed the whole infusion
set. Nice bruise there this morning. First time that's ever happened to me.
Cleaned a different site, and third time lucky ;-)


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