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Re: [IPk] CAN ANYONE HELP?????????

> I was wondering if anybody has read or heard about an insulin pump
> book written by Elizabeth Boland. I think it may be called 'teens
> pumping it up' i have searched but have had no luck. If anybody has
> any info or the ISBN number please e-mail me at
> email @ redacted i would be extremely greatful
>                                   Thanks - WENDY
This is an on-line book at the MiniMed web site. There is a hyperlink 
on the LINKS page of the Insulin Pumpers web site at:

   in the top section "Insulin Pump Links" titled
Teens Pumping It Up!
     On-line book at the MiniMed web site
     A guide for teenagers and their families who are interested in
     pump therapy. It was written by Elizabeth Boland, a nurse
     specializing in diabetes care. It includes a description of
     insulin pump therapy and many practical things about using an
     insulin pump. Editor... The topics covered and the information
     presented give a good overview of pump therapy for both adults
     and children. The pump description is, of course, only of the
     MiniMed pumps, however the concepts are applicable to all insulin
     pumps. Similarly, only one type of infusion set is covered while
     many are available. Overall, an excellent presentation of
     material on pumping. 

email @ redacted
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