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Re: [IPk] Funding

Wayne - thanks for sharing that. Interesting that diabetes on it's own is
not considered bad enough for the patient to be "rewarded" with pump
therapy!!!! The logic is truly bizarre isn't it...

I've heard that in Manchester, if you obtain your own pump and are given
the ok by the clinic, they will provide infusion sets for free. Given that
infusion sets make up the main expense of pumping, that ain't too bad a


>So then I phoned the HA a few times, until they
>decided to let me talk my case through with one of
>their Diabetologists. This was on december 20th
>1999, so I had quite a few BG results to show him,
>before  and after... and  as you can guess my
>after looked a lot better than before :) Lucky for
>me. He went through my entire health history, as I
>also suffer from another condition, not diabetes
>related. He went though my life, work, leisure -
>EVERYTHING! It took about 3 hours, and after a lot
>of pros and cons, he decided to allow me to remain
>on the pump, as he flet I had been through enough
>in the past year. And so I was classed as an
>"Exceptional Case" what ever one of those are???
>Oh that must be me :) He phone the HA there and
>then. The HA called me the next day to confirm
>they would fund the pumps and consumerables and
>aso asked if I would transfer my diabetes care to
>Guy's in London.

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