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Re: [IPk] Funding

> I considered asking you to post the name and address of your private
> consultant, so that those of us who may shortly run out of NHS
> options can use this route.
> However, I imagine that your private consultant was wanting to build
> a long-term relationship with her or his patients, and not simply be
> used as a way of forcing the NHS to consider pump use.  
> What I may need (and some already need) is access to a private
> doctor who will assess individuals for pump use, and have a lead-in
> and support service for the first week for so of use.  

Post the doctor names to the Insulin Pumpers referral list -- it 
would be pretty obvious for UK referrals what the doctors capacity is 
and comments can be added to the referral. That way all future 
pumpers in the UK will have access to the information without having 
to ask.
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