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[IPk] Funding

Hello everyone,

As I have had so many people email me asking how I managed to get funding from my Local Health Authority, i decided that it would take me forever to reply to everyone in person. So here is a brief out line of how I went about it.....

Back in October I decided to look into the use of a pump, and got infomation from both companies here in the UK. I then decided on the one I wanted and managed to sort out a trial period. Now this was only possible becasue at the time my diabetes care was not with the NHS, but with an independant hospital, and so my consultant was willing to let me try it, but I was told they would not pay for a pump. So I went a head with the trial and started it on 17th Novemeber 1999. By then I had already got a letter from my Local HA saying they would not pay fo one either.

So then I phoned the HA a few times, until they decided to let me talk my case through with one of their Diabetologists. This was on december 20th 1999, so I had quite a few BG results to show him, before  and after... and  as you can guess my after looked a lot better than before :) Lucky for me. He went through my entire health history, as I also suffer from another condition, not diabetes related. He went though my life, work, leisure - EVERYTHING! It took about 3 hours, and after a lot of pros and cons, he decided to allow me to remain on the pump, as he flet I had been through enough in the past year. And so I was classed as an "Exceptional Case" what ever one of those are??? Oh that must be me :) He phone the HA there and then. The HA called me the next day to confirm they would fund the pumps and consumerables and aso asked if I would transfer my diabetes care to Guy's in London.

So I'm now sitting here with my new "Blue" pump, looking very colour co=ordinated :)

All I can say is don't give up and fight each case individually, as this is what helped win funding for me. 


PS - My Health Authority is West Kent

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