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RE: [IPk] Fwd: funding

Thanks for the advice. I am going to use the saline - the hypo would be
a good thing to plan (someone else). As far as the symptoms go - I
probably do them already (talking jibberish and have agruments over
nothing - does this mean I am having a hypo? - seriously I am undergoing
hypo later this year so I will know what one feels like. Any other
pointers for diabetes experience? julette :)

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> >I did the same thing, wore the pump for a few days with saline in it
> and I
> >found that you really the rapid pops in no problems and no pain, but
> you
> >have to steel yourself to put the tender in for the first time, but
> once
> >it's in, it's sooooooo comfortable  you are in danger of forgetting
> it's
> >there!
> I quite agree Estelle - Rapids are surprisingly painless to put in -
> you
> just do it. I found Tenders required a little courage to put in - to
> the
> extent I avoided using them for about 6 months - but once in, they are
> more comfortable.
> Julette - will you award yourself unexplained hypos at very
> inconvenient
> moments? You can simulate this by getting someone else to randomly set
> the
> alarm on a small watch which you put in your pocket. When the alarm
> goes,
> you must fall to the floor, and wait for someone to come and help
> you... or
> you could start talking jibberish and having arguments over nothing...
> Anyhow, I think you are both of you very brave and dedicated :-)
> John
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