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Re: [IPk] Fwd: funding

>I did the same thing, wore the pump for a few days with saline in it and I
>found that you really the rapid pops in no problems and no pain, but you
>have to steel yourself to put the tender in for the first time, but once
>it's in, it's sooooooo comfortable  you are in danger of forgetting it's

I quite agree Estelle - Rapids are surprisingly painless to put in - you
just do it. I found Tenders required a little courage to put in - to the
extent I avoided using them for about 6 months - but once in, they are MUCH
more comfortable.

Julette - will you award yourself unexplained hypos at very inconvenient
moments? You can simulate this by getting someone else to randomly set the
alarm on a small watch which you put in your pocket. When the alarm goes,
you must fall to the floor, and wait for someone to come and help you... or
you could start talking jibberish and having arguments over nothing...

Anyhow, I think you are both of you very brave and dedicated :-)


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