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Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe

Thank you for taking time to compose this.
Sounds a bit longer than on Medtronic but doing is probably easier than
reading about it lol.

Yea I don't think I'd bother with the food library after your comments

On Feb 27, 2014 9:31 AM, "Joel Milner" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> John wrote:
> >>>Could I ask you to expand upon the extended bolus...
>  Steps for a normal and extended bolus. Steps indicated by "*" are
> required for
> extended bolus (= dual wave on MM).
> Press OK
> "menu" highlighed, press OK
> "Bolus" highlighted, press OK
> Scroll down to "EZcarb" with down arrow
> Press OK
> "Carbs" highlighted and flashing
> Use up/down buttons to enter carbs
> Press OK
> "Add BG" highlighted, press OK
> BG highlighted, use up/down buttons to enter
> Press OK
> "Show result" highlighted
> Press OK
> Advised units indicated and bolus flashes 0.00 units
>  Press up button once to select advised bolus units (you can then change
> this if
> you like using up/down buttons)
> Press OK
>  "Go" highlighted (for normal bolus) - you can press OK at this stage for a
> normal bolus
> *For an extended bolus scroll down to "bolus type"
> "Normal" highlighted, press OK to select
> *Press up arrow to select "combo"
> *Press OK
> *"Go" highlighted, press OK
> *Bolus units highlighted/flashing again, press OK to confirm
> *"Go" highlighted (it remembers duration and split from last combo)
> *Assuming you want to change split or duration,  scroll up to "duration"
> *Press OK to select then use up or down arrow to select "duration"
> *Press OK
> *"Go" highlighted again, scroll up to split
> *Press ok
> *Use up or down arrow to change split (e.g. 60:40)
> *Press OK
> "Go" highlighted
> Press OK to give bolus.
> Bolus delivered.
>  I had the same idea as you about the food database. I thought I could
> program
> in some standard meals and just use these for convenience. However to do
> so, you
> have to go into a submenu at the point where you would normally enter the
> carb
> count with the up arrow. After several scrolls and button presses you end
> up
> back where you were except the carb count is entered automatically. It's a
> lot
> quicker to just enter the carbs manually with the up and down arrows.
> Joel
> .
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