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Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe

John wrote:

>>>Could I ask you to expand upon the extended bolus...

 Steps for a normal and extended bolus. Steps indicated by "*" are required for
extended bolus (= dual wave on MM).

Press OK
"menu" highlighed, press OK
"Bolus" highlighted, press OK
Scroll down to "EZcarb" with down arrow
Press OK
"Carbs" highlighted and flashing
Use up/down buttons to enter carbs
Press OK
"Add BG" highlighted, press OK
BG highlighted, use up/down buttons to enter
Press OK
"Show result" highlighted
Press OK
Advised units indicated and bolus flashes 0.00 units
 Press up button once to select advised bolus units (you can then change this if
you like using up/down buttons)
Press OK
 "Go" highlighted (for normal bolus) - you can press OK at this stage for a
normal bolus
*For an extended bolus scroll down to "bolus type"
"Normal" highlighted, press OK to select
*Press up arrow to select "combo"
*Press OK
*"Go" highlighted, press OK
*Bolus units highlighted/flashing again, press OK to confirm
*"Go" highlighted (it remembers duration and split from last combo)
*Assuming you want to change split or duration,  scroll up to "duration"
*Press OK to select then use up or down arrow to select "duration"
*Press OK
*"Go" highlighted again, scroll up to split 
*Press ok
*Use up or down arrow to change split (e.g. 60:40)
*Press OK
"Go" highlighted
Press OK to give bolus.
Bolus delivered.

 I had the same idea as you about the food database. I thought I could program
in some standard meals and just use these for convenience. However to do so, you
have to go into a submenu at the point where you would normally enter the carb
count with the up arrow. After several scrolls and button presses you end up
back where you were except the carb count is entered automatically. It's a lot
quicker to just enter the carbs manually with the up and down arrows.

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