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Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe


 I recently switched from a MM522 to a Vibe, the main reason being that I
self-fund CGM and the much longer lifespan of the Dexcom sensors compared to the
enlites make a huge difference to the costs (I estimate a saving of ~#1200 per

  I would go along with Nanette's general comments on the pump. The menu system
on the vibe is a bit complicated compared to the MM. Operations such as giving a
bolus require a lot more button presses and scrolling. Unlike with MM where each
stage (such as entering a meter BG) moves you directly to the next one (entering
carbs), with the Vibe you have to enter the number and then scroll down to the
next step using the up/down buttons. Extended boluses (dual wave) can take a bit
of concentration to set up.

  I tried setting up the carb food list database, but again, if you know your
carb counts, it is easier and less complicated to just enter them directly. I
don't find it useful at all.

 The BIG BIG plus point of the vibe is actually the Dexcom G4 CGM system which
is not only a lot more economical (I am averaging around 18 days per sensor),
but is mind-bogglingly accurate. I estimate that >95% of sensor readings are
within 10% of a fingerstick, even when BG is rising or falling rapidly. Even at
the end of their lives, the sensors still give accurate readings so you can rely
on the numbers.

 If it wasn't for the CGM, I would be inclined to stick with Medtronic, but once
you start to factor in the possibility of using the Dexcom, it's a no-brainer in
favour of the vibe.

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