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Re: [IPk] Re: Animas Vibe

Hi Laura

Just to pick up on your point about the change of infusion set type - what
type of sets do you currently use and what will you have on Animas? There
are darn-near identical sets available so it shouldn't have to be a big

All best


 On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Laura Holborow
<email @ redacted>wrote:

> Hi John
> I was in a similar situation to you about a month ago. I was due a new pump
> and didn't want to be automatically put on the next Medtronic one available
> without seeing what the options were. I've been on Medtronic pumps for
> about 13 years.
> I've chosen an animas vibe and am due to get it on Thursday (I'm most
> worried about the slightly different infusion set style as I'm generally
> not a fan of change...or meedles!) To help make that decision my DSN gave
> me contact details for the reps from Animas and Roche. I met up with both
> of them and they demo-ed the pumps for me and told me more about them.
> Could you ask your clinic to do the same for you locally?
> Two things in particular stood out for me in choosing animas: the computer
> software so I could finally have blood results from a meter I want to use,
> boluses and basal info all in one place. The software will take results
> from almost any meter -so you aren't forced to use one meter made by the
> pump company (like Medtronic) if you want all the data easily in one place.
> The other thing was the carbs and cals calculator. I'd never heard of it
> before and it seemed an intelligent idea. I've since downloaded the app to
> my phone (there's a book too I believe) so I can see the photos of food on
> there (the way I understood it the pump could suggest the carb in, for
> example,  a "small" or "medium" sized jacket potato but I liked the idea of
> being able to SEE a photo of what it calls "small" and medium" as well - at
> least at first. It's not a brilliant app - the interface is somewhat clunky
> but is useful to see a photo of a portion size, as being told what carb
> there is in 100g of something is often totally useless!
> And finally, like you I tried the Medtronic cgms and disliked it a lot. I
> don't use cgms all the time but would like to have the option there in the
> future. And the dexcom seemed a better unit, but haven't tried it!
> So I can't give you any advice as a user (yet!) but my thought process
> around the choice might help you.
> Laura
> *Medtronic pumper for about 13 years. Will be an animas pumper for the
> first time on Thursday!*
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