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[IPk] Re: Animas Vibe

Hi John

I was in a similar situation to you about a month ago. I was due a new pump
and didn't want to be automatically put on the next Medtronic one available
without seeing what the options were. I've been on Medtronic pumps for
about 13 years.

I've chosen an animas vibe and am due to get it on Thursday (I'm most
worried about the slightly different infusion set style as I'm generally
not a fan of change...or meedles!) To help make that decision my DSN gave
me contact details for the reps from Animas and Roche. I met up with both
of them and they demo-ed the pumps for me and told me more about them.
Could you ask your clinic to do the same for you locally?

Two things in particular stood out for me in choosing animas: the computer
software so I could finally have blood results from a meter I want to use,
boluses and basal info all in one place. The software will take results
from almost any meter -so you aren't forced to use one meter made by the
pump company (like Medtronic) if you want all the data easily in one place.

The other thing was the carbs and cals calculator. I'd never heard of it
before and it seemed an intelligent idea. I've since downloaded the app to
my phone (there's a book too I believe) so I can see the photos of food on
there (the way I understood it the pump could suggest the carb in, for
example,  a "small" or "medium" sized jacket potato but I liked the idea of
being able to SEE a photo of what it calls "small" and medium" as well - at
least at first. It's not a brilliant app - the interface is somewhat clunky
but is useful to see a photo of a portion size, as being told what carb
there is in 100g of something is often totally useless!

And finally, like you I tried the Medtronic cgms and disliked it a lot. I
don't use cgms all the time but would like to have the option there in the
future. And the dexcom seemed a better unit, but haven't tried it!

So I can't give you any advice as a user (yet!) but my thought process
around the choice might help you.

*Medtronic pumper for about 13 years. Will be an animas pumper for the
first time on Thursday!*

> > On 25 February 2014 22:45, John Beer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > > Hi all
> > > My pump is die for replacement in the next few months and I was told by
> > my
> > > DS that they really like the Vibe.
> > > I was wondering if anyone here uses the vibe and what they thought of
> it.
> > > I like the idea of the food app and the ability to uploads books like
> > carbs
> > > and cals onto it.
> > > Trouble is I have been looking and I get snippets of information here
> and
> > > there but nothing solid.
> > > If anyone could let me know what the food app is like and how it works
> I
> > > would appreciate it.
> > >
> > > John
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