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Re: [IPk] Sorry to moan, but...

Hi Alice
Sorry you are feeling low at the moment. On a practical note, I have 3
basal profiles set in my pump - they are about 5-10% different from each
other, and I switch between them on different days, in my case depending on
my activity level.  Do you have these - in a Medtronic Veo they are called
patterns and there is standard, A and B - I don't know what pump you have.
But it does mean if I am running high, I can change to a different pattern
for a few days maybe, without having to reprogram basals, and then switch
back again when required.

When I was having balance problems, my hypo warnings sign changed to
feeling nauseous, but no longer, now my balance is better.

Hope you feel better soon

On 24 February 2014 18:42, <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Really sorry to have a moan, but really need to offload!
>  So fed up with stupid diabetes!! My basal rate requirements seem to vary
> so
> much at the moment. One minute I'm fine with one rate, the next I'm not.
> If I
> seem high or low for a period of time I'll change my basal rate, but I
> feel like
> its a bit sporadic and worry that it can't be good to chop and change too
> much.
> How do people manage this?
>  I've also been under the weather with colds and some weird thing that's
> giving
> me dizzy spells (waiting on blood test results) but my bloods seem to be
> more on
> the low side now...?! I'm also finding that wen I'm on the low side I'm
> feeling
> really nauseous which is also rubbish.
>  Just feel its so much effort at the moment and for the first time in ages
> I
> feel like I've got this constant reminder that having diabetes is forever
> :(
>  As I say, sorry for the moan. Didn't want to moan to my other half as
> feel I
> offload a lot to him and I don't really have any other mates who'd
> understand.
> Alice
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