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[IPk] Freestyle test strips

Hi Tricia & others,

  From what's been discussed previously on this list, along with papers posted
on reliability and accuracy of BG meters, I recently asked my DSN for a
Freestyle Freedom Lite, as it comes out tops by far. I still currently have 3
One Touch UltraEasy meters and have been doing comparisons & am surprised that
every single Freestyle reading bar one was more than 1mmol/L lower than the
OneTouch (the other Freestyle reading was still lower, but by less than 1mmol).
There have been quite a few occasions when I know I've been hypo but One Touch
showed 4.something, and now with hypo last week OneTouch tests showed 4.7 & 4.5,
but Freestyle showed 3.5 - I know which result I feel is more accurate! I am
definitely sticking with Freestyle Freedom Lite.

 I know yours is a specific bit of info relating to OmniPod PDM, and I know it's
the BG trends which are important, and that this has been discussed here before,
but I just can't get my head around how one type of meter can consistently give
significantly lower or higher readings?

 I remember there've been times when I'd written 'hypo' in my diary against 4.0
or 3.9 & my DSN had said that that wasn't really hypo, but now I think it's
likely it was the One Touch meter showing a false high reading. I've given
correction doses based on readings and then gone hypo, again now I think it's
likely my meter/s was showing too high a reading (another comparison a week ago
- OneTouch 9.8 twice, Freestyle 7.8 - glad I didn't correct that one).

 Even given the allowable error margins, how can one meter always give
significantly lower/higher readings compared with another?

I also prefer the teeny drop of blood the Freedom Lite requires :))

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